A Bicentennial City

Police Division

Lopez Police Chief

Police Department
River Rouge Police Department
10600 W. Jefferson Ave.
River Rouge, Michigan 48218
Phone: (313) 842-8700

Mrs. Elicia Morris
Administrative Assistant
Executive Secretary
Phone:(313) 842-0069

About the Chief

Chief Leonel Lopez started his career at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department in Detroit in 1990.

He joined the River Rouge Police Department in 1994 working in the Uniform Division as a Patrol Officer. Chief Lopez served in several capacities throughout his career.  He worked as an undercover narcotics officer assigned to the Michigan State Police DRANO unit.

He worked as a Detective in the Criminal Investigation Section working on a variety of crimes involving, thefts, robberies and homicides. Later supervising the Criminal investigation Section. He rose through the ranks as Corporal, Sergeant and Lieutenant.

He was promoted to Inspector in Charge of Uniform Patrol Division and Police Administration.

Chief Lopez is proud to work in the City of River Rouge.

There are many lifelong residents within the city and he is committed in maintaining a close relationship with the community.

He is dedicated to keeping City of River Rouge as a safe family oriented place to live. He will continue to ensure that the citizens are supported.  He looks forward to ensuring that there is involvement in community initiatives that will continue to make River Rouge a great place to be.

Another very important thing for Chief Lopez, is being an effective leader with the men and woman that work under him. Being effective will provide a better police relationship within the community that the department serves.

Chief Lopez will be working closely with Mayor Bowdler and shares the same vision in continuing to help the community grow and prosper.

The Mission of the Department

The mission for every member of the River Rouge Police Department is to consistently seek and find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality services to members of the community.

This mission is a commitment to quality performance from all members. It is critical that all members understand, accept and be aligned with the responsibilities established by this mission. It provides the foundation upon which all operational decisions and organizational directives will be based. Directives include rules, regulations, operating policies, procedures, and practices.
This mission represents the commitment of this administration to the concepts of quality performance management. In other words, members are expected to work consistently in a quality manner in the daily performance of their duties, job responsibilities and work tasks associated with this mission. Quality manner means that performance outcomes comply with the performance standards established for this agency and for each member associated with this agency. Examples of performance standards include the oath of office, code of ethics, agency rules, policies, procedures, directives, general and supervisory orders, work productivity and performance behavior.
Each member is required to accept the responsibility for the achievement of this mission and publicly register his or her commitment to it and to the concepts of quality service.