A Bicentennial City

Public Safety

Dan Kolke

Public Safety Department
1600 West Jefferson Avenue
River Rouge, MI 48218

About the Director

Director of Public Safety Dan Kolke oversees the overall functions of the River Rouge Department of Public Safety (Police / Fire).  He is responsible for the budget of both departments.   He is involved in the integration of the police and fire departments into one public safety department.

Director Kolke has been a police officer and firefighter since 1990 and retired after a 26 year career with the Fraser Department of Public Safety as second in command.  He also served as Chief of Police in Memphis, Michigan.   He completed the Northwestern University Police Staff and Command school in 2007.

He believes the protection of citizens, businesses and visitors is the number one priority of the public safety department.  Fire prevention is also an important function of the department.

Mission of the Department

The River Rouge Department of Public Safety is comprised of the Police and Fire Divisions.  Dan Kolke is the Director of Public Safety.  Leonel Lopez is the Chief of the Police Division and Roberto Cruz is the Chief of the Fire Division.

The public safety department is comprised of public safety officers who are all cross trained as police officers and firefighters and carry their fire gear in their patrol vehicles.  Besides handling all duties of police officers, they also respond to all fire calls in the city.  The fire division responds with the fire truck and the public safety officers respond in their vehicles.  Public safety officers then put their fire gear on and fight the fire.

Each public safety officer has in-house 8 hour monthly fire training along with all police training.

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